What is veterinary public health?

Veterinary public health is defined by the World Health Organisation as

the sum of all contributions to the physical, mental and social well-being of humans through an understanding and application of veterinary science.

Veterinary public health consulting requires an interdisciplinary approach to problem solving, research and communication, which is essential for the improvement of human health in a significant and sustainable manner.

Veterinary public health, as a relatively new discipline within veterinary medicine, substantially gained in importance in the context of the detection, control and prevention of animal diseases and animal welfare-related events. Diseases transmitted directly or through products of animal origin (food) to humans (zoonoses) are an additional area of VPH relevance – with almost 70 % of all newly emerging human diseases originating from animals.

The FAO recognises the food chain approach as an important step forward to ensure food safety from production up to consumption. This approach requires the commitment of all players in the food chain, involving producers, traders, processors, distributors, competent authorities as well as consumers.

veterinary public health consulting


At Epi-Connect, we offer technical consultation on the following veterinary public health core domains:

You decide which way you would like us to share our expertise with you, for example:

  • 20 minutes complimentary telephone consulting session

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  • 60 minutes one-to-one masterclass

Prices start at 480 SEK+VAT (£40/€50)

  • 3 hour seminar

Intensive session focusing on one of your business specific need. Prices start at 1400 SEK+VAT (£120/€150)

  • 45 minutes follow-up session

Online or over the phone, we follow up with you, answering any further questions you may have asked yourself since implementing the new skills/knowledge you have acquired. Prices start at 360 SEK +VAT (£30/€40)

  • Invited expert

Your meeting, your topic, my expertise. Prices start at 1200 SEK +VAT (£100/€130) for a half day and 2000 SEK +VAT (£170/€220) for a full day.

  • Bespoke package

The number of hours and commitment your business needs on an ongoing basis. Prices on demand.