VirtualVet & Epi-Connect’s AHEAD 2017 workshop is sponsored by the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD)’s Co-operative Research Programme on Biological Resource Management for Sustainable Agricultural Systems.

AHEAD 2017: digital transformation of Animal HEAlth Data

On March 1st & 2nd, we will bring together in Exeter (UK) experts from the farming and pharmaceutical industries, information and communications technology, policy, research (and more) to create a roadmap to the digital transformation of animal health surveillance. Read about our speakers here.

The objective of the workshop is to establish a consortium that will devise a data-centric strategy and deploy an innovative pilot with the power to transform the monitoring of animal health and drug usage, focusing on food-producing animals. This digital transformation will provide a vital resource in the fight against risks to veterinary public health, such as but not limited to, antimicrobial resistance.

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In the EU, policy supports the reduction of antibiotic use, through the March 2016 new Animal Health Law and a growing focus in the veterinary practice is to move away from blanket dosage of antibiotics, for example for mastitis. Significant and speedy improvements can take place, but only with coordinated actions supported by the entire value chain. Reducing the use of antibiotics is of massive societal importance, but changing on farm or veterinary methods requires thought and a user-centred approach. The most glaring and addressable challenge is the absence of near real-time data and information.

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AHEAD 2017 will explore, in the context on EU Animal Health Law, how governments globally can benefit from increased digitisation in animal health. For effective monitoring, it is important to first understand the relevant tasks of each stakeholder in the food value chain. This workshop will openly discuss and define these tasks, identify existing challenges to completion of these tasks, and suggest the business opportunities overcoming these challenges can create. It is our intention to encourage open discussion, design and co-creation of an improved digital approach to animal health and drug usage in agriculture.

The workshop is now fully booked but you can follow @EpiConnect & @VirtualVet_EU on Twitter and use #AHEAD2017 to get involved in the discussion. We will also keep a blog during the workshop.

Let’s hear your voice about the digitisation of animal health data & how the agri-food value chain can benefit from improved knowledge capture.

UPDATE 04/2017:

The final report from this event can be downloaded from VirtualVet’s website here.

We’ve also written a blog post on Building Bridges…the blog here.