#EpiC_Friday_Shares no.5

It’s that time of the week again in which I share with you some of the press headlines which have caught my attention in the past 148 hours…

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Lambs, Meilen, Switzerland

Animal health

  • Studies relating to precision livestock farming  are becoming increasingly population both in the scientific and industry literature. It can be defined as

the real-time monitoring and management system that focuses on improving the life of the animals by warning when problems arise so that the farmer may take immediate action

D. Berckmans

World Poultry recently reported the results of a Belgian study in which health problems in broiler units are identified thanks to microphones which pick up the amount of noise birds make. The system displays sound intensity as a heat map for the farmer, alerted by a SMS, to identify any problem areas (e.g. absences of vocalisation or sudden changes in the level of noise).


Other news of interest

  • This blog post on Food Online is a few weeks old but I have only come across it this week and it is well worth a read. The author discusses the merits of defining quality as an absence of variation, rather than the traditional “within limits” view. I have highlighted passages from that post, wanting to share all sorts of interesting ideas with you, but since I ended up highlighting 80% of it, it’s better for you to go and read this short but thought-provoking article by John Henry here.


  • Finally, since this has been a fairly short #EpiC_Friday_Share, you probably have another few minutes to have a go at this infectious disease crossword puzzle, courtesy of Transmissible!

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