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A Chartered professional is a person who has gained a specific level of skill or competence in a particular field of work, which has been recognised by the award of a formal credential by a relevant professional organization.[…] Chartered status originates from Royal Charters issued to professional bodies in the UK by the British Monarch […] In the UK, chartered titles may still only be awarded by institutions that have been incorporated under Royal Charter, with the permission of the Privy Council.

So there it is, after almost four months of anxiously waiting after painstakingly submitting a 40+ pages application to the Royal Statistical Society , I am over the moon to receive news that I have been awarded not one, but two (!), new titles: Chartered Statistician and Chartered Scientist.

The Royal Statistical Society (RSS) is one of the world’s most distinguished and renowned statistical societies, with three raisons d’`être:

  • as a British learned society for statistics,
  • as a professional body for statisticians,
  • and a charity which promotes statistics for the public good.

Chartered Statistician (CStat) is the highest professional award offered by the RSS, providing formal recognition of a RSS fellow’s statistical qualifications and professional training and experience. Not holding a formal University qualification in statistics (I trained as an ecologist), I had to gain this status through the competence-based route, by providing evidence (via a very thorough competence report) of my statistical knowledge and understanding in professional practice.

Chartered Scientist is an award of the Science Council. The Science Council’s mission is to set the standards for those working in science and provide a quality assurance system for practicing scientists and science technicians, across all scientific disciplines.

Chartered Scientists represent the best professional scientists working in the UK and abroad, using their specialist knowledge and broader scientific understanding to develop and improve the application of science and technology. They have to demonstrate their competence across five areas:

  • Application of knowledge and understanding
  • Personal responsibility
  • Interpersonal skills
  • Professionalism
  • Professional standards

Both statuses are regurlarly reviewed and revalidated through meeting continuing professional development requirements each year. But that’s not for another 12 months so I can breathe a bit for now!

I can now officially sign off as Flavie Vial BSc. (Hon) M.Res PhD CStat CSci…but that’s a bit of a mouthful!


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